Pick My Brain Seminar

Spring 2018, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Tuesdays at 4:00PM in 509/511 Lake.

This is an informal colloquium style seminar which provides the opportunity to learn about others areas of interest. Questions encouraged!

Organizers: Ivan Martino, Pablo Soberón, Robin Walters.

If you have a question, would like receive announcements, or would like to speak at seminar, email This seminar is supported in part by a Research and Training Grant (RTG) from the NSF.


Date Speaker Title
Jan 9 No Seminar
Jan 16 At 1:00 in 509 Lake Gabriel Cunningham (U. Mass, Boston) Small Polyhedra with Prescribed Symmetry
Jan 23 Max Engelstein (MIT) Minimizers, Critical Points, Energies and Equations
Jan 30 No Seminar
Feb 6 No Seminar
Feb 13 Benjamin Schmidt (UT Austin) The Halphen Problem and Related Questions
Feb 20 David Rolnick (MIT) Why is deep learning so deep?
Feb 27 Rahul Singh (NEU) The Conormal Variety of a Schubert Variety
Mar 6 No Seminar Spring Break
Mar 13 Will Boney (Harvard) Compactness, elementary and nonelementary
Mar 20 Daniel Glasscock (NEU) Topological dynamics as a tool in Ramsey theory
Mar 27 Simone Cecchini (NEU) Positive scalar curvature and minimal hypersurfaces: old and new.
Apr 3 Pablo Soberón (NEU) Different approaches to Tverberg's colored theorem
Apr 10 Xiaolei Zhao (NEU) How to represent cohomology classes by subvarieties?
Apr 17 No Seminar
Apr 24 Emanuele Ventura (Texas A&M) Tensor and Waring ranks
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Fall 2018)

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