Pick My Brain Seminar

Fall 2018, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 2:50PM in 509/511 Lake.

This is an informal colloquium style seminar which provides the opportunity to learn about others areas of interest. Questions encouraged!

Organizers: Ivan Martino, Laure Flapan, Robin Walters.

If you have a question, would like receive announcements, or would like to speak at seminar, email This seminar is supported in part by a Research and Training Grant (RTG) from the NSF.


Date Speaker Title
Sep 5 Peter Crooks (Northeastern) Integrable systems, Lie algebras, and invariant theory
Sep 12 Torielli Michele (Hokkaido University) On the freeness of hyperplane arrangements
Sep 19 Rudy Rodsphon (Northeastern) A primer in index theory.
Sep 26 Valeriano Lanza (FAPESP) Framed sheaves, ADHM data and quiver varieties
Oct 3 Tudor Padurariu (MIT) Hall algebras in enumerative geometry
Oct 10 Rob Silversmith (Northeastern) Row echelon form and the Hilbert scheme of points.
Oct 17 Bruno Benedetti (Miami) Drawing Contractible 2-Complexes in R^4
Oct 24 Olga Turanova (IAS) PDEs from evolutionary ecology
Oct 31 Brian Williams (Northeastern) Spooky factorization algebras and a chiral index theorem
Nov 7 Alexander Moll (Northeastern) Is Randomness Real? Quantum Uncertainty and Chaotic Unpredictability
Nov 14 Thomas Koberda (UVA) Group actions and regularity
Nov 21 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 Ignacio Barros (Northeastern) Hopes, conjectures and frustrations regarding M_g
Dec 5
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Spring 2019)

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