Pick My Brain Seminar

Fall 2017, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Tuesday 4:00-5:00pm in 544 Nightingale Hall at Northeastern.

This is an informal colloquium style seminar which provides the opportunity to learn about others areas of interest. Questions encouraged!

Organizers: Ivan Martino, Pablo Soberón, Robin Walters.

If you have a question, would like receive announcements, or would like to speak at seminar, email This seminar is supported in part by a Research and Training Grant (RTG) from the NSF.


Date Speaker Title
Sep 12 Ivan Martino Algebraic Structures related to Matroid Theory (Winter is Coming)
Following seminar, we will go out for food and refreshment.
Sep 19 Laure Flapan

At 3:30, before seminar, we will have tea, coffee and cookies in the lounge.

Hodge groups, Hodge structures, and the Hodge Conjecture.
Sep 26 Emily Barnard

At 3:30, before seminar, we will have Ivan's cake in the lounge.

Counting and the Canonical Join Representation
Oct 3 Emanuele Macri The Genus of Space Curves and Stability in the Derived Category.
Following seminar, we will go out for food and refreshment.
Oct 10 Benjamin Sung

There will be tea and cookies before the talk in the department lounge.

Sheaf cohomology on Calabi-Yau hypersurfaces in toric varieties and D-brane instantons
Oct 17 Chris McDaniel (Endicott College) From Watanabe's Bold Conjecture to Soergel's Categorification Theorem.
Oct 24 Andrew Laurie (MIT) Solitons, bubbling, and blow up for geometric PDE's.
Oct 31 Valerio Toledano Laredo Pick Valerio's Brain
Following seminar, we will go out for food and refreshment.
Nov 7 Bena Tshishiku (Harvard) The "Dark Matter" Problem.
Nov 14 Asilata Bapat (UGA) Examples of Compactifications of Quiver Varieties.
Nov 21 Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 Jonathan Mboyo Esole Representations and anomalies in presence of a non-trivial Mordell-Weil group
Dec 5 Mustazee Rahman (MIT) On largest eigenvalues of bounded degree graphs
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Spring 2018)

Schedule Spring 2018