Pick My Brain Seminar

Spring 2019, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 2:50PM in 544 Nightingale.

This is an informal colloquium style seminar which provides the opportunity to learn about others areas of interest. Questions encouraged!

Organizers: Ivan Martino, Laure Flapan, Robin Walters, Robert Silversmith, Ignacio Barros,

If you have a question, would like receive announcements, or would like to speak at seminar, email This seminar is supported in part by a Research and Training Grant (RTG) from the NSF.


Date Speaker Title
Jan 9 Jeffrey Galkowski (NEU) Eigenfunctions: What are they and what do they tell us?
Jan 16 Alexander Moll (NEU) An Introduction to Dispersive Shock Waves
Jan 23 Changho Han (Harvard) Modular compactifications of moduli spaces in algebraic geometry
Jan 30 Chi-Yun Hsu (Harvard) Congruences of modular forms and the eigencurve
Feb 6 Peter Hintz (MIT) General relativity and microlocal analysis
Feb 13 Jonathan Wang (MIT) Geometric approach to local L-factors and spherical varieties
Feb 20 Tom Bachmann (MIT) Affine grassmannians in A^1-homotopy theory
Feb 27 Eunice Kim (Tufts) Mathematical billiards: testing grounds for dynamicists
Mar 6 No Seminar. Spring Break.
Mar 13 Euan Spence (U. Bath) Why analysts should care about numerical analysis of wave propagation problems
Mar 20 Elina Robeva (MIT) Maximum likelihood estimation under total positivity
Mar 27 Lynnelle Ye (Harvard) Slopes in eigenvarieties for definite unitary groups
Apr 3 Geoffrey Smith (Harvard) Low-degree points on curves
Apr 10
Lake Hall 509
Scott Mullane (Frankfurt) Differentials of the second kind, positivity and irreducibility of Hurwitz spaces
Apr 17 Ana Balibanu (Harvard) The wonderful compactification
Apr 24
Monika Pichler (Northeastern)
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Fall 2019)

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