Pick My Brain Seminar

Fall 2018, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Wednesdays at 2:50PM in 509/511 Lake.

This is an informal colloquium style seminar which provides the opportunity to learn about others areas of interest. Questions encouraged!

Organizers: Ivan Martino, Laure Flapan, Robin Walters.

If you have a question, would like receive announcements, or would like to speak at seminar, email This seminar is supported in part by a Research and Training Grant (RTG) from the NSF.


Date Speaker Title
Sep 5 Peter Crooks (Northeastern) Integrable systems, Lie algebras, and invariant theory
Sep 12 Torielli Michele (Hokkaido University) On the freeness of hyperplane arrangements
Sep 19 Rudy Rodsphon (Northeastern) A primer in index theory.
Sep 26 Valeriano Lanza (FAPESP) Framed sheaves, ADHM data and quiver varieties
Oct 3 Tudor Padurariu (MIT) Hall algebras in enumerative geometry
Oct 10 Rob Silversmith (Northeastern) Row echelon form and the Hilbert scheme of points.
Oct 17 Bruno Benedetti (Miami) Drawing Contractible 2-Complexes in R^4
Oct 24 Olga Turanova (IAS) PDEs from evolutionary ecology
Oct 31 Brian Williams (Northeastern) The spooky side of factorization algebras in QFT
Nov 7 Alexander Moll (Northeastern) Is Randomness Real? Quantum Uncertainty and Chaotic Unpredictability
Nov 14 Thomas Koberda (UVA)
Nov 21 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break
Nov 28 Ignacio Barros (Northeastern)
Dec 5
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Spring 2019)

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