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Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory Seminar

Spring 2017, Northeastern

Meeting weekly on Thursdays 2:50-3:50pm in 509 Lake Hall at Northeastern.

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Organizers: Ivan Losev, Emanuele Macri, Alina Marian, Valerio Toledano Laredo, Jonathan Weitsman, Robin Walters.

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Date Speaker Title
Jan 26 No Seminar
Feb 2 No Seminar
Feb 9 No Seminar
Tues , Feb 14 at 3:20 Ivan Losev Characters.
Wed, Feb 22 at 1:00pm Swarnava Mukhopadhyay (Maryland) Generalized Theta functions, Strange duality, and Odd Orthogonal Bundles on Curves.
Week of Feb 20-24
Pramod Achar will give a lecture series on affine Grassmannians and geometric Satake.
Mar 2 No Seminar
Mar 9 No Seminar (NEU Spring Break)
Mar 16 Sachin Gautam Quantum Groups and Difference Equations.
Mar 23 Brian Osserman Linear Series and Degenerations.
Wed, Mar 29 at 2:50 in Ryder 155 Shamgar Gurevich (UW-Madison and Yale) “Small" Representations of Finite Classical Groups.
Apr 6 Alberto de Sole Classical and Finite W-algebras of Type A.
Apr 13 Dmitry Kubrak (MIT) Resolutions with Conical Slices and Descent for Certain Brauer Group Classes.
Apr 20 in Nightingale 544 Frederic Fauvet (IRMA, Strasbourg Univ.) Explicit Linearization of One-dimensional Germs through Tree Expansions.
Apr 27
End of Semester (Seminar Resumes Fall 2017)

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