At GAeL, Leuven, Belgium, 2015. Photo credit: Dennis Presotto.

Robin Walters

NSF Postdoctoral Fellow at Northeastern University

My research interests are in algebraic geometry and representation theory. In particular, I study the Bernstein-Sato b-function, a singularity invariant related to holonomic D-modules. I also study connections to other invariants such as zeta functions and local monodromy.

My CV can be found here.

I was a student of Victor Ginzburg at the University of Chicago until I graduated in 2015.

Recent Publications

Bapat, A., Walters, R. (2015). The Strong Topological Monodromy Conjecture for Coxeter Hyperplane Arrangements. Mathematical Research Letters, to appear.
Bapat, A., Walters, R. (2015). The Bernstein-Sato b-Function of the Vandermonde determinant. arXiv preprint arXiv:1503.01055 .
Walters, R. (2015). The Bernstein-Sato b-Function of the space of cyclic pairs. Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences 51, (2): 273-288.
Colin, C., Jacob,A., Quinn, C., Walters, R. (2008) The isoperimetric problem on planes with density. Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society 78 (2): 177-197.


Geometry, Physics, and Representation Theory. At Northeastern. Fall, 2017. Spring, 2017.
Pick My Brain. At Northeastern. Fall, 2017.
Seminar on Hodge Modules. At Northeastern and MIT, Fall, 2016.
Putnam Exam Prep, Fall, 2018.
Teaching Resources.


Two Constructions of Yangians . From the Workshop of Yangians and Quantum Loop Algebras, Austin, May 2014.
The Derived Category of Constuctible Sheaves with Iordan Ganev. From the Summer School on Quiver Hecke Algebras, Corsica, June 2014.


My information on the math department page and the announcement of my starting at Northeastern.
Wayne C. Booth Prize: Robin Walters, PhD student in mathematics. By Steve Koppes.
Robin Walters find mathematics more fun than a hit movie. By Steve Koppes.

The Calogero-Moser Quiver.