Basically, there are three ways to get funding to travel to a conference.

1. College of Science travel Grant Program for Doctoral Students.

Amount: Up to $350.00.

  • Financial support from either the advisor or the Department. The Grant gives you the same amount (up to $350) as the department. NOTE: The department is not likely to give you $350, but you can count whatever support you get from the conference organizers here.
  • A nomination letter written by the advisor attesting to the student's research.
  • c) A copy of the abstract that has been accepted for presentation at a national conference.

  • Complete the application form.
  • The advisor sends the application materials (application form, nomination letter and copy of the abstract) to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Madeline Garcia-Gilbert with subject line "Letter of Recommendation of [Student's name] for receipt of a College of Science Travel Grant Award."

Deadline: One month prior to the conference presentation.

2. Graduate Student Government Funding

Amount: Up to $375.00 per academic year (July 1 - June 30).

Rules: See here.


Deadline: See here.

3. Math Department Grant

Amount: Most likely very little: the entire budget for the entire academic year for all students is $1000.00.

Procedure: Email to Maxim Braverman, CC Chantal Cardona an application, which should include the name of the conference, the relevance of the conference to your research, the information about whether you are planning to give a presentation and all the other relevant information. Also your advisor will need to submit a support letter explaining why this conference is useful for you.

Deadline: The Graduate Committee will have two or three meetings during the year considering all the applications. Please ask Maxim when will those meetings be this year.


The file below contain general procedures from the math department about traveling while being a TA.

  • Policy.pdf