The MGSA officers keep useful resources available for all phd students. These include teaching materials and previous qualifying exams. Get in contact with the officers to get access to all resources.


The *.sty file below contains all the necessary commands to generate your thesis. It is generic, so you will need to go through it and see where you need to put your specific data (thesis name, advisor, graduation year, etc.). The *.tex file is a sample for a thesis. Note that it does not have any shortcuts or commands, and you will need to add yours.

  • NUthesis.sty

  • ThesisNEU.tex
  • If you want to also generate your Thesis approval pages, please uncomment the command \thesisapprovalpages on the tex file. If you want to add something which is not a numbered chapter to the table of contents, you will need to use to command \addcontentsline, as is done in the Introduction chapter in the tex file.


    Remember to check the College of Science checklist on the items you need to have in order to graduate. Please note that the deadline to request graduation is usually in the middle of the semester, so do this as soon as you can.