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Dr. Martsinkovsky

Alex Martsinkovsky

Associate Professor

Office Number:

471 LA

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Northeastern University
Department of Mathematics
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115, USA


PhD received from Brandeis University

Areas of Interest

I  work in Homological Algebra and Representation Theory, but am interested in other things as well: Singularity Theory, Local Algebra, Abstract Homotopy Theory, Deformation Theory, Noncommutative Geometry, Algebraic Number Theory, Differential Equations, Integrable Systems, and Special Functions.

I organize:

Representation Theory and Related Topics Seminar

Maurice Auslander Distinguished Lectures and International Conference

Instructional Workshops

Recent Papers and Preprints

Stable projective homotopy theory of modules, tails, and Koszul duality  (with R. Martinez Villa), 29 pp, to appear in Communications in Algebra. (Version 7.11, Sept. 12, 2009)

1-Torsion of finite modules over semiperfect rings, Journal of Algebra, 324 (2010), 2595-2607.

On Auslander - Buchsbaum - type formulas, 8 pp.

Stability and duality (with I. Reiten), (in preparation).

Deformation Theory (table of contents) (with A.Vlassov), 5 pp. (Book in preparation)

Linear monoidal structures on module categories, (with A. Vlassov), 15 pp. (In progress)

The representation rings of k[X], (with A. Vlassov) 4 pp. This is our elementary solution to the Clebsch-Gordan problem for the monoidal structures on finite-dimensional modules over the polynomials in one letter. It was obtained in the summer of 1997 and is included in our paper on linear monoidal structures mentioned above. Because we are getting a steady stream of requests for that proof and because the paper just keeps growing, we decided to extract the proof from the paper and place it as a preprint. This version has been slightly edited to make it self-contained.

Beyond Vogel cohomology, 7 pp. (To be expanded)

Cohomology of tails and stable cohomology over Koszul quiver algebras (with R. Martinez Villa), Fields Institute Communications, 45 (2005), 299-306.

Cohomology of tails, Tate - Vogel cohomology, and noncommutative Serre duality over Koszul quiver algebras (with R. Martinez Villa), Journal of Algebra, 280 (2005), 58-83.

Linkage of modules
(with J. Strooker), Journal of Algebra, 271 (2004), no. 2, 587--626. (This version, dated Jan. 3, 2006, incorporates the corrections contained in Corrections to Linkage of Modules.)

Absolute, relative, and Tate cohomology of modules of finite Gorenstein dimension (with L. Avramov), Proc. London Math. Soc. 85 (2002), 393-440.


Fall 2010

Undergraduate Courses Graduate Courses
Multivariable Calculus

Spring 2011

Undergraduate Courses Graduate Courses
Differential Equations and Linear Algebra
Algebra 2
Cohomology of Groups
Algebraic Number Theory

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