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Dr. Name

Mikhail B. Malioutov


R.G.Stone Professor (1997-2002)

Office Number:

545 LA

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Northeastern University
Department of Mathematics
360 Huntington Avenue,
Boston, MA 02115, USA


PhD and DSc received from Moscow State University

Area of Interest

Statistics, probability, experimental design, information theory

Professor Malioutov received his Ph.D. degree from Moscow State University in 1967 for his solution of the multidimensional Poincare Boundary Value Problem . He received his Doctor of Science Degree, also from Moscow State University, in 1983 for his work on Information-theoretic methods of Planning and Analysis of Experiments.

Professor Malioutov has written numerous research papers and books. He has held visiting positions at the City University of London, The University of Bielfeld, the Catholic University of Louvain, Louis Pasteur University, Humboldt University ofBerlin, and the University of Cambridge.

Professor Malioutov applies statistics to a wide variety of areas including : modelling sleep stages,genetic drift in human populations, molecular biology, genetic fingerprints, pooled blood testing for HIV, seismology, forensic pharmacy, human sleep stages, quality control of production lines, and weather modification. He has worked on a number of software development projects including work for financial institutions and work in linguistics related to speech recognition. Nineteen graduate students have received their Ph.D. under Professor Malioutov's supervision so far.

Research Statement (Postscript)

Papers and Publications

CV and Publications

Selected Publications

Second Order optimal discrimination between Markov chains. (Postscript)Mathematical Methods of Statistcs, No. 4, 2001, with Tsitovich I.I..

Modeling multi target estimation in noise and clutter (PostScript) Proceedings, 12th European Simulation Symposium, with Tsitovich I.I.

Authorship attribution of texts: a review (pdf) Proceedings, "Information transfer", ZIF, Uni-Bielefeld, submitted

Robust modification of the EM-algorithm for parametric multi-trajectory estimation in noise and clutter(pdf) ,NATO ASI, Tsakhkadzor, 2003, with M. Lu.
Non-parametric multi-trajectory estimation(pdf) , ibid, with A. Tsybakov.
Maximin designs for testing degree of a polynomial(pdf) , submitted to Math. Methods of Statistics.
On sequential discrimination between close Markov chains(pdf) , submitted to MODA-7, with D. Malyutov.
Multi trajectory estimation in noise and clutter (Pdf) Proceedings, Fusion 2001, Vol. 2, fr. C3-1725, with Nikiforov A., Protassov R., Lu M.

Estimation from noisy images with the EM algorithm (Pdf) Proceedings, 7th Forum for Interdisciplinary Mathematics conference on Statistics, Combinatorics, and Related areas, to appear, with Nikiforov A, Golan D, Mirchev R.

Log efficient search for significant variables of a linear model(PostScript) Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, vol. 100, pp 269- 280.
Jaynes principle in testing significant variables of a linear model(PostScript) Random Operators and Stochastic Equations, vol. 6 (pp. 311-330), with H. Sadaka.
Sequential Search for Significant Variables of an Unknown Function, Problems of Information Transmission, (PostScript) 1997, 33, No. 4 , 88-107, with Tsitovich I.I.

Fitting Diffusion and Trend via Mercer Expansion, Proceedings, 12th European Simulation Symposium, ESS 2000 (Simulation in Industry) (PostScript)Sept. 28-30, Hamburg Germany, Soc, with Bayborodin O., Golan D., Mirchev R.

Extremal problems in Sequential Testing Homogeneity, (TEX)In Revue of Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 5, No.2, TVP Press, 1998, 349-360, with L.I.Galtchouk.

Modeling and Tracking of the Individual Protein Molecule", G. Govaert et al ed., (PostScript) Proceedings of ASMDA-10 (Applied Stochastic Modeling and Data Analysis) Conference, Compiegne, France, June 12-15, 2001, with T. Korobeinikova, D. Golan and R. Mirchev, 2, 627-632.

Bayesian Approach to Parameter Estimation in Individual Protein Molecule Dynamics Model, (PostScript)Proceedings, 2nd WSEAS Int.Conf. on Instrumentation, Measurement, Control, Circuits and Systems, Cancun, Mexico, May 2002, with T. Korobeinikova, R. Protassov, D. Golan and R. Mirchev.

Fitting multisample multinomial mixture models(PostScript) American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences, 21, Dec.-Sept., 2001,101-107, with D.A. Stolyarenko.


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