List of Publications

   Ph.D. thesis Families of ideals in a power series ring in two variables, (Arthur Mattuck, advisor), M.I.T., 1970.

    Articles and Books that have appeared:

  1. Punctual Hilbert Schemes, BAMS 78 (1972), 810-823 (MR 46 #7235).

  2. Reducibility of the family of 0-dimensional schemes on a variety, Inventiones Math. 15 (1972), 72-77 (MR 46 #170).

  3. Number of generic singularities, Rice University Studies 59, Part 1 (1972), 49-52 (MR 49 #10693).

  4. An algebraic fibre bundle over $P^1$ that is not a vector bundle, Topology 12 (1973) (MR 49 #5009)

  5. Memoir, AMS. Punctual Hilbert schemes. Mem. Amer. Math. Soc. 10 (1977), no. 188, viii+112 pp.

  6. (with Jacques Emsalem) Some zero-dimensional generic singularities: finite algebras having small tangent spaces, Compositio Math. 36 (1978), 145-188 (MR 81c #14004).

  7. (with Alan Altman and Steven Kleiman) Irreducibility of the compactified Jacobian , pp. 1-12 in Real and Complex Singularities, Oslo 1976, P. Holm, editor, Sijthoff & Noordhoff, Alphen aan den Rign, Netherlands, 1978 (MR 58 #16650).

  8. (with Joel Briancon) Dimension of the punctual Hilbert scheme, Journal of Algebra 55 (1978), no. 2, 536--544. (MR0523473 (80g:14013)).

  9. Deformations of zero-dimensional complete intersections, after M. Granger, T. Gaffney, with appendix: Global Hilbert Scheme $Hilb^QP^r$ after Gotzmann, pp. 92-105 in Proceedings of the Week of Algebraic Geoemtry, Bucharest, 1980, L. Badescu and H. Kurke, editors, Teubnertexte #40, B.G. Teubner, Leipzig, 1981 (MR 84j:14012).

  10. Deforming complete intersection Artin algebras., pp. 593-608 in Singularities, PSPM #40, part 1, American Math Society, Providence, RI, 1983.

  11. Compressed algebras: Artin algebras having given socle degrees and maximal length, Trans. AMS 285 (1984),337-378.

  12. Compressed algebras and components of the punctual Hilbert scheme, pp.146-185 in Algebraic Geometry, Sitges 1983, Lecture Notes in Math. vol 1124, Springer-Verlag 1985.

  13. Tangent cone of a Gorenstein singularity, in Proceedings of the conference on Algebraic Geometry, Berlin 1985, H.Kurke and M. Roczen, eds., Teubnertexte zur math. vol. 92, Teubner, Leipzig, 1986, pp. 163-176.

  14. (with Joan Elias) The Hilbert function of a Cohen-Macaulay local algebra: extremal Gorenstein algebras, J. Algebra 110 (1987), 344-356.

  15. Hilbert scheme of points: Overview of last ten years, in Algebraic Geometry, Bowdoin 1985, S. Bloch, editor, PSPM #46 Part 2, Amer. Math. Soc.,Providence, 1987, pp. 297-320

  16. The Hilbert function of a Gorenstein Artin algebra, p.348- 364 in Commutative Algebra, Proceedings of a Microprogram held June 15-July 2,1987 at MSRI, M. Hochster, C. Hunecke, J.D. Sally, Editors, Springer-Verlag, New York, 1989.

  17. (with David Bernstein) A nonunimodal graded Gorenstein Artin algebra in codimension five, Comm. in Algebra 20(8), (1992), 2323-2336.

  18. Memoir, AMS.  Associated graded algebra of a Gorenstein Artin algebra, 117 p.,AMS Memoir Vol. 107 #524 (1994).

  19. (with Jacques Emsalem), Inverse system of a symbolic power I.   J. Algebra, 174, (1995), 1080-1090

  20. Inverse system of a symbolic power, II: the Waring problem for forms, J of Algebra, 174, (1995), 1091-1110.

  21. Inverse system of a symbolic power III: thin algebras and fat points, Compositio Math. 108, (1997), 319-356.

  22. Gorenstein Artin algebras, additive decompositions of forms and the punctual Hilbert scheme, in Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, and Computational Methods [Proceedings of Hanoi Conference in Commutative Algebra (1996)], D. Eisenbud, ed., Springer-Verlag (1999), 53--96. For downloadable dvi file: Gor-Art.tex.dvi

  23. Book (With Vassil Kanev)
    Power Sums, Gorenstein Algebras, and Determinantal Loci, 345+xxvii p., Springer Lecture Notes in Mathematics #1721, December, 1999. More about the book

  24. (With Steven L. Kleiman) The Gotzmann Theorems and the Hilbert Scheme, Appendix C to above book, 23p.
    More about the Appendix
    (The Appendix is separately listed on the title page of book)

  25. (With Clare D'Cruz), High order vanishing ideals at $n+3$ points of $\mathbf P^n$, in Commutative algebra, homological algebra and representation theory (Catania/Genoa/Rome, 1998). J. Pure Appl. Algebra 152 (2000), no. 1-3, 75--82.

  26. (With Young Hyun Cho), Hilbert functions of level algebras, J. Algebra 241 (2001), 745-758. For downloadable dvi file of related preprint: Hilblev.dvi;  

  27. Dr. Ruth I. Michler's Research, p. 1-7 in ``Topics in Algebraic and Noncommutative Geometry: Proceedings in memory of Ruth Michler'', C. Melles, J. Brasselet, and G. Kennedy, editors, AMS Contemporary Mathematics series, # 324, 2003.

  28. (With Joachim Yameogo) The family G_T of graded Artinian quotients G_T of k[x,y] of given Hilbert function, Communications in Algebra, Vol. 31 \# 8, 3863--3916 (2003).
  29. ArXiv alg-geom./9709021(The early version and posting of 1997 (see "Reports" iii. below) has been replaced with the 2003 preprint close to the extensively revised final article, main results are the same, both will be on the ArXiv)

  30. Ancestor ideals of vector spaces of forms, and level algebras, J. Algebra, 272 (2004), 530--580.
  31. ArXiv: math.AC/030721

  32. Betti strata of height two ideals, J. Algebra 285 (2005) no. 2, 835--855.
  33. ArXiv : math.AC/0407364

  34. (With Hema Srinivasan) Some Gorenstein Artin algebras of embedding dimension four: Components of $\PGOR (H)$ for $ H=(1,4,7,\ldots ,1)$, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra 201 (2005) # 1-3. 62--96.
  35. ArXiv : math.AC/0412466

  36. Hilbert functions of Gorenstein algebras associated to a pencil of forms, p. 273-286 in Proceedings of the Conference on Projective Varieties with Unexpected Properties, C. Ciliberto, A. Geramita, B. Harbourne, R. Mir\'o-Roig, K. Ranestad, editors (de Gruyter) (2005) ISBN-10:3-11-018160-6.
  37. ArXiv: math.AC/0412361

  38. (with R. Basili) Pairs of commuting nilpotent matrices, and Hilbert function, J. Algebra 320 # 3 (2008), 1235-1254. ArXiv math.AC: 0709.2304.

  39. (with M. Boij) Reducible family of height three level algebras,J. Algebra 321 (2009), 86--104. ArXiv: math.AC/0707.2148.

  40. (with R. Basili and L. Khatami), Commuting nilpotent matrices and Artinian algebras, J. Commutative Algebra (2) #3 (2010), p. 295--325.

  41. (With Young Hyun Cho),Inverse systems of zero-dimensional schemes in $\mathbb P^n$, J. Algebra 366 (2012), 42-77.
  42. ArXiv 1107.0094


  43. (with L. Khatami), Bound on the Jordan type of a generic nilpotent matrix commuting with a given matrix, to appear, J. of Algebraic Combinatorics.
  44. ArXiv 1204.4635

Preprints- submitted

Reports (not refereed)
  1. (with Jacques Emsalem) R$\'e$seaux de coniques et alg$`e$bres de longueur 7 associ$\'e$es (Nets of conics and length 7 algebras associated to them), 49p., U. of Paris VII, (1977).

  2. Vanishing ideals at multiple points of $P^r$, p. 109-113, in Commutative Algebra, Extended abstracts of an International Conference at Vechta, 1994, W. Bruns, editor (1994).(BD 13).

  3. (With V. Kanev), The length of a homogeneous form, determinantal loci of catalecticants and Gorenstein algebras, preprint, 150 p.. 1996.

  4. An early version of the book [23], this was circulated, and led to work by several other groups. This version was a rather more specialized monograph preprint than the actual book [23]. Since this preprint was circulated and referenced in some articles by others, we listed in Appendix E of [23] which sections of the book replace which sections of this preprint.

  5. (with Joachim Yameogo) Graded ideals in k[x,y] and partitions,II: ramification and a generalization of Schubert calculus. 44p., preprint, U. Nice. (early version of #28) For Abstract and downloadable file: Alg-Geom #9709021

Preprints or articles in preparation:

  1. (with M. Boij) Duality for central simple modules of Artinian Gorenstein algebras.

  2. (with Joachim Yameogo) Graded ideals in $k[x,y]$, and Partitions,I: Partitions of diagonal lengths T and the hook code, preprint, 49 p.

  3. (With Young Hyun Cho), Gorenstein Artin algebras arising from punctual schemes in Projective Space, preprint, 2000. (revision in preparation)

  4. (With Hema Srinivasan), Some Gorenstein Artin algebras of embedding dimension four, II: Betti strata of $PGOR(H)$ for $H=(1,4,7,h,7,4,1)$.

  5. (with Franco Ghione, Gianni Sacchiero), Restricted Tangent Bundles of Rational Curves in $\mathbb P^r$, (revision of older preprint in progress)

  6. Consecutive genera for irreducible Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay Space Curves.

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