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Wallpaper Groups
Patterns from Historical Sources Shows tilings from different cultures
Japanese Wallpaper Designs
Assorted Photographs showing Wallpaper groups
Some Tiling Software
Escher Sites
Regular Division of the Plane Drawings
Official Escher Website Images by dates
World of Escher Images withDescriptions
Oldest Escher Site on Web
Jill Britton's Escher Page higher resolution than others
Brief Biography
Escher on Display
Places to get ideas
Mathematical Painting and Scultures Has assorted math/art projects
Fractal Page of Paul Nylander - has lots of Mathematica Code
Mathematica Demonstrations - The school has a site license. Search on "Art"
Geometry Center Tilings, Polyhedra, Fractal Art
Totally Tesselated A very large site. Over 100 dynamic pages
References for Symmetry and plane tiling
Tiling a 2 by (n-1) board with 2x1 tiles
Impossible Objects
Principles of Artistic Illustions by Donald E. Simanek
Mandelbrot and Julia Sets
Mandelbrot Movie by C.T.McMullen
Manderbrot and Julia Set Explorer Click on a point of Mandelbrot - get Julia set - DOWNLOAD GIF.
Manderbrot-Julia Set Click on a point of Mandelbrot - get the Julia set - Black and White.
B.U. Java Applets This page has pointers to: The Chaos Game, Fractalina and other useful programs.
Some History - Who Discovered the Mandelbrot Set Article in Scientific American by John Horgan
Famous Fractal List
ThinkQuest Step through a list
ThinkQuest - index From Oracle Education Foundation
Assorted to be refiled when there is enough of a category
Aperiodic Hierarchical Tilings by Goodman-Strauss - mentions, Wang, Robertson, Penrose.
Open questions in tiling by Goodman-Strauss - from 2000
A Small Aperiodic Set of Tiles by Goodman-Struass - Trilobite and Cross

Under Construction - Suggestions Welcome


Math/Art examples
Depth Perception Experiments by Richard Gregory
Belousov-Zhabotinsky Reaction: A Cellular Automata Model
Mathematics Museum in Japan
Goudreau Museum of Mathematics in Art and Science
Exhibitions and Conferences
Math Art Exhibitions
On Line Journal
Hyperseeing: Free Electronic journal from International Society of the Arts, Mathematics nd Architecture
Online Nexus Network Journal of Arcitecture and Mathematics
Math Art references from the American Mathematical Society
CGFA Virtual Art Museum (searchable): maintainted by Carol Gerten-jackson
Mathematics and Art, Claude P Bruter (Ed.)
Art of Illusion: Free 3D modelling and rendering studio
Blender: Free 3D content creation suite
Surface Evolver: Free interactive program for modelling surfaces
Math Art Courses
Viewpoints home page
Math Art Pattern Course from Dartmouth University
Geometry in Art and Architecture Course from Dartmoouth University
Math and Culture course from Dartmouth University
Investigating Patterns Symmetry and Tessellations by Jill Britton
Math-Art Course: Helmer Aslaksen at National University of Singapore
Art Institute of Chicago
Escher page at University of Waterloo
Tom Banchoff: Mathematical Artwork
Robert Fathauer: tessellation, illusion, iteration and more

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