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Instructor: Stanley Eigen, Math. Dept., 527 Lake Hall, e-mail: s.eigen at neu dot edu

Syllabus and Project Information;       on line version - under construction;

On-Line Text: Click Here;         Math-Art Project Click Here    
Additional Readings: Visions of Symmetry by Doris Schattschneider; (on Reserve) Math Art Exhibits Slide Show    2012 Bridges Conference     More Bridges Conferences    Virtual Math Museum Click Here    Mathematik und Konkrete Kunst click here   
Museum of Geometric and MADI Art click here   

Math Art Videos NU Student going into space Article  Video   Mandelbrot Set J. Coulton song   Boston Math-Art conference 2012   Turn Sphere Inside Out   Mobius Transformations Revealed   flagellation by piero della francesca   Museum of Mathematics Videos    There are also lectures available on youtube. Go to Youtube and Search on Math Encounters

Past and Current Artists Click Here    Mathematical Imagery Click Here   
List of Artists at Museum of Geometric and MADI Art Click Here   

Ivars Peterson References Bibliography & Artists;     Mathematical Tourist;    

Found Math: At MAA;     Flicker Archive;    Hyperbolic Crochet

Mathematica Demonstrations: Search for Art click here

Mathematical Card Tricks: Colm Mulcahy's Column

Origami Sites: Robert Lang Links and see his insects et al

Liquid Art Corrie White

Airigami Larry Moss and Kelly Cheatle

Physics, Math and Art You tube video Kim Bernard - Stuff Moves Home page

Ted Talks
Beautiful Math behind Ugly Music Scott Rickard
African Fractals Ron Eqlash - can see table of contents - let me know if interested
Origami and Math Robert Lang - the library has copies AND available through JSTORS
Moving Sculpture Arthur Ganson
Journals for Math and Art
Visual Mathematics - has articles and artwork
Journal of Mathematics and Art - can see table of contents - let me know if interested
Leonardo - the library has copies AND available through JSTORS
Hyperseeing - from ISAMA
How Did Escher Draw his Circle Limit Figures by Bill Casselman
A Tale both Shocking and Hyperbolic by Douglis Dunham
OnLine Lecture Douglas Dunham - Transformations of Hyperbolic Escher Patterns
OnLine Lecture by D. Joyce Make your own JAVA APPLET
OnLine Lectures M.C. Escher and Hyperbolic Geometry - at Cornell
Compass and Straightedge in the Poincare Disk -- how to draw
Drawing a Triangle on the Thurston Model of Hyperbolic Space Bennett, Mellow and Shanahan
Escher Square Tiles Instructions to Make your own - Google SketchUp
Kali Draws Wallpaper, Frieze and Rosette Patterns
L-Systems - easy to use From Kevin Roast - he has other helpful software.
GeoGebra Interactive Graphics/Algebra -- OnLine Web Version
Hyperbolic Tesselations Make your own - on the Poincare Disk
Apophysis Freeware Fractal Flame Editor for Windows On Line Flame Painter
3D-XplorMath Does a wide range - Plus, get your 3D glasses to view
Fractint Fractals and more - useful - but Windows only
Art of Illusion Free 3D modelling and rendering studio
Blender Free 3D content creation suite
Surface Evolver Free interactive program for modelling surfaces
BU Java Applets for Dynamical Systems
Mandelbrot-Julia Set Explorer and here is another Madnelbort-Julia Set Explorer
List at SUNY This is list of some software - I don't know what works.
Model Building
Polyhedra Paper Models to build 3-D geometrical figures
Paper Polyhedra George Hart site - explains how to
Impossible Objects Paper Models designed by Kokichi Sugihara
Cut Out Fold Up Assorted things to build -- for a project: build and explain the math
Models - Reverse Perspective
Dragon Inverted 3D Illusion
ReversePerspective Template P. Hughes/Cook Templagte
Reverse Perspective Door Illusion from P. Hughes
Reverse Perspective Car - Drift Battle
Additional References
Viewpoints home page See also Viewpoints
Squaring the Circle by Paul Calter
Beyond the Third Dimension By Thomas Banchoff
On Line References
MORE REFERENCES - Math Art - Extras
Math/Art People - Underconstruction




  • Special Issue of the Journal of Romance Studies devoted to Literature and Math -- downloadable through the library




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