April 24-28, 2013              Northeastern University, Boston, MA


The conference "Algebra, Combinatorics and Representation Theory" was held on the campus of Northeastern University in Boston on April 24-28th. The conference was a celebration of the work of Andrei Zelevinsky, covering the numerous areas where he has made contributions in his mathematical life, including combinatorics, commutative algebra, representation theory, and algebraic geometry. Sadly, Andrei passed away on April 10, 2013. Information about Andrei's passing and funeral arrangments was posted by his family here.

The conference was supported by funding from the Math Department and College of Science of Northeastern and by a conference grant from the NSF.

There will be poster sessions on April 25th and 27th which any interested participants are welcome to join. Please email Ben Webster at b.webster@neu.edu if you would like to present a poster.

The videos of the talks can be downloaded here.

We'll have a conference dinner on April 25th at 7pm in the Alumni Center on campus; the cost is $30 ($15 for grad students). Space is limited, and we need to give a number of guests on Sunday, April 21. If you want to come please email Ben Webster before then, with the number in your party, and how many of you will require vegetarian meals.

The conference will feature talks by:

  • Arkady Berenstein
  • Joseph Bernstein
  • Alexander Braverman
  • Harm Derksen
  • Sergey Fomin
  • Alexander Goncharov
  • Mikhail Kapranov
  • Allen Knutson
  • Daniel Labardini-Fragoso
  • Bernard Leclerc
  • Robert Marsh
  • Ezra Miller
  • Tomoki Nakanishi
  • Vladimir Retakh
  • Claus Michael Ringel
  • Vera Serganova
  • Michael Shapiro
  • Bernd Sturmfels
  • Lauren Williams
  • Jerzy Weyman
The organizing committee is: If you have any questions concerning the conference, please email Ben Webster at b.webster@neu.edu.